About GTX

Corporate Strategy

Granite’s founding management team and Board of Directors developed the Company’s business model based on the nature of the Alberta Bakken oil reservoir at Ferguson, Granite’s primary asset. It is a technically-driven rather than a financially-driven model. Its key objectives and how they are achieved are described in the table below.

Objective Achieved Through
Maximize recoverable proportion of the pool’s oil-in-place over the long term. Responsible reservoir management.
Capital-efficient development. Continued innovation of drilling and completions technologies and build out of the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) program based on gas reinjection.
Maintain and modestly grow pool’s overall production. Low annual capital expenditures for additional producing wells, gas reinjection wells, water injection wells and various EOR enhancements.
Generate free cash flow at current commodity prices. Focus on steady production plus affordable growth rather than high-rate production growth or costly acquisitions of additional producing assets.


All of these support Granite’s ability to generate an attractive, sustainable dividend.